What We Do

US Petrochemicals is a Texas Corporation started in 1987 and now operates in more than 30 countries and has offices in several. Our global experience of operating in niche markets to demanding customers worldwide in meeting their raw material requirements is beneficial to both the customer and the manufacturer.

Our logistical experience of providing on time delivery at cutting edge price adds value to manufacturer's products and adds competitive edge to the customers raw material purchasing. Started with humble beginnings as a feedstocks supplier to specialty chemicals plant in 1987 US Petrochemicals today has buy sell relationship with all Major as well as large producers globally.


When we are purchasing your product as an off taker we ensure that our ship or barge arrives as scheduled at your facility for loading, or when we receive your product we ensure smooth operations of your delivering vessel to receive your product.


The quality and quantity of products we buy or sell, including the tanks of transporting vessels are checked by world class independent inspection companies we hire with our transacting partners to ensure quality and quantity assurance.


The ships / vessel we use in transporting your goods carry international classifications, certifications and insurances.


Our documentation team is experienced in preparing both import/export documentation to/for your country as well as quality and quantity documentation for your cargo.


We strategically use storage globally.


When we are delivering the product to you at your terminal or to your nominated ship/barge we ensure that our ship or barge arrives as scheduled at your facility for discharging our product at your terminal, or when we load our product to your nominated ship we ensure smooth operations of your receiving vessel to receive your product.

We move physical commodities from where they are in abundance to where they are needed with efficiency, safety and dependability.

We have built a world-class international business by stressing service and performance. US Petrochemicals's trades with commodity feedstocks in volume and across the world. We have been connecting customers and producers to the global economy for more twenty-five years.