Our Mission

US Petrochemicals is one of the world’s leading privately held commodity Petrochemicals feedstock supplier. We’re at the heart of the global economy. US Petrochemicals's strengths lie in sourcing, logistics, marketing, and efficiently transporting products from area of availability to area of need. Every day and around the world, we are advancing trade – safely, efficiently and with dependability.

With advent of shale, coming years will bring important changes in American and the rest of the world economy. US Petrochemicals started in 1987 as a supplier of raw material to specialty chemical plants today is a world leader in supplying commodity feedstock to manufacturing plants globally and has buyer-seller relationships with key fortune 500 companies, Oil Majors and leading manufacturers in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The company operates in market niches, which provide it with a competitive edge in those markets. US Petrochemicals's goal is to be the number one marketing channel for top global manufacturers and the top source of raw material to leading global producers.

Our vision

We have set ourselves an important ambition: to become acknowledged sector leaders in the way we manage. This commitment is endorsed by our Management – closely involved in running the business - and by our team members.

As a company specializing in moving large volumes of materials around the world, we know we need to operate safely, efficiently following local regulations of the countries involved through proper documentation, quality & quantity inspections reducing any undue risk by following procedures developed over the years. Our management believes in building long-term relationships via trust.

Our customer and suppliers require assurance that we operate to the highest standards. Demonstrating leadership in the areas we operate will support the development of our business. In that sense, we see good performance as a means of securing a competitive edge.